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Pete Blay is a Performance Coach and Motivational Speaker.

"What many players and coaches overlook is the fact that we all have an optimum in-built natural tempo which, when it's synchronised and we're dialled in, enables us to perform to our absolute best in whatever we're doing. Each person’s 'Optimum Natural Tempo is as much a part of them as their DNA or fingerprints and so to get maximum results, particularly in sport, we need to identify it and lock in to it. Once we're locked in we can learn how to keep it consistent when performing under pressure or even kick-start it when we're not firing on all cylinders. The golf swing and putting stoke are perfect examples of tempo and rhythm-based disciplines and my work enables me to specifically map a client's ONT to produce fully synchronised, consistent execution of technique for maximum results. The Bio-Tempo programme is a vital part of a golfer’s practice and playing routine - as much as the golf swing or putting stroke itself."

Pete has worked in the professional and Tour golf environment since 1999 and is an ITA and Meta-International Certified NLP Master Practitioner, drummer, sport enthusiast, writer and the Founder and CEO of Golf EXV.

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